Welcome to 3DThursday!  Every Thursday @ 12 Noon EST/EDT

First person to guess the print, wins it! That’s it. I will also draw a random winner from all of the current weeks guesses, so don’t be afraid to throw down. Even if you are wrong, you could still win!  Login to the chatbox below and post your guesses, as many as you want! (Chat only appears during LIVE stream)

Please SHARE with your friends. The more people we get to play, the better the prints and the bigger we get!!

If you would like to make a one time donation to my YouTube channel to directly support this contest, go here and click the   on the YouTube chat window.
Any amount is appreciated!

The Video above is from a previous contest.

Sponsored by Meltink!  Excellent PLA, PLA/PHA, and ABS filaments made in the USA!

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